Available payment methods are 1) by cheque/money order payable to Cobble Hill Improvement District and mailed to the address below (please include the remittance advice portion of your bill); 2) at your financial institution; 3) through online banking; and 4) by e-transfer to  If you have any questions about any of these payment options please contact the Administrator. 

Cobble Hill Improvement District

PO Box 27

Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L0 



Please consider the environment and receive your invoices via email.   
Reducing paper and saving on postage costs is a goal of CHID.  If you are currently receiving your invoices by Canada Post and prefer e-mail, simply email the Administrator at, request ebilling, and confirm the email address you would like the ebill sent.



Meter Reading is carried out by the District every two months:   
1) February  

2) April  

3) June 

4) August 

5) October 

6) December.   
It is the homeowners’ responsibility to keep meters visible and accessible at all times. Please do not bury the meter box with bark mulch or dirt.  If the meter reader needs to spend time finding or clearing brush and grass from around your meter box, you may be subject to charges for time required to locate and clear around the box.  We thank you for your cooperation in keeping the boxes visible and accessible. 

The District reads meters two to four days before the end of the month, every two months, and invoices are issued on or about: 
1) February 28

2) April 30

3) June 30

4) August 31

5) October 31

6) December 31 
Payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice.  Accounts that remain unpaid after the due date, will be charged a late payment penalty of 10%. 

Toll proceeds are contributed to the Operating Fund.  The operating fund generally responds to the day-to-day operations of the Improvement District.   
Listed below, you will find CHID’s current Water Toll Rates.  If you do not find the information you need, please
contact the Administrator for further assistance.   
View the current Tolls Bylaw for residential and commercial rates by clicking on the link below. 


CHID levies an annual tax on all properties within the district boundaries.  It includes properties that are vacant land, and others which have their own wells, as both types of property benefit directly by having water available upon demand to service the property. This includes access to standpipes for fire protection and for insurance purposes.  Properties within a city or municipality have a tax for water automatically included in their annual property tax bill.  As your water is supplied by CHID, the taxes are issued by and paid to the CHID. 
Tax proceeds are contributed to the Renewal Reserve Fund.  The renewal reserve fund generally responds to major repair, replacement and renewal of assets.  The Renewal Reserve Fund is mandated by the Local Government Act (Act).  
Section 706 of the Act states:      
706:  Renewal of works and related reserve funds      (1) An improvement district must make adequate provision in advance to renew works when they require renewal and must raise amounts for that purpose. (2) The improvement district board must establish reserve funds for the purpose of renewal of works referred to in subsection (1), and amounts raised as required under that subsection must be credited to the applicable reserve fund. (3) Money in a reserve fund, and interest earned on it, must be used only for the purpose for which the reserve fund was established. 
Tax invoices are issued on June 30 each year and are due on or before July 31.  Taxes that remain unpaid after the due date, will be charged a late payment penalty of 15%. In addition, taxes in arrears or delinquent will be charged interest at Province prescribed rates.  Taxes in arrears in excess of two years are subject to tax sale (section 718 to 726 of the Act) 
View the current Assessment Bylaw and the current Taxation Bylaw by clicking on the links below.