Our Mission:

The Board of Trustees and Employees of the Cobble Hill Improvement District are committed to providing safe, high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds Canadian drinking water standards, while taking a proactive approach in groundwater protection, infrastructure renewal, and asset management.

Who we are?

Improvement Districts are brought into existence by the provincial government through Cabinet Orders which authorized the passage of a document known as Letters Patent.   
COBBLE HILL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (CHID), is a waterworks provider incorporated by its
Letters Patent issued on April 16, 1979.   
The Letters Patent contains a description of the
CHID boundary and the services it provides to the residents within that boundary.   
CHID provides potable water to approximately 353 active service connections in Cobble Hill, British Columbia (as of November 2019).  In addition, service will be required for approximately 8 undeveloped lots currently located within the CHID boundaries.  Any future subdivision applications or boundary expansion petitions will be considered pursuant to legislation, CHID bylaws, and on the basis of infrastructure capacity. 
CHID is administered by an elected
Board of Trustees, one of whom has the additional duty of Chair.  Each Trustee is elected for a three-year term by the eligible landowners of CHID.  To be eligible to vote, or to be a candidate for Trustee, a person must be eighteen years of age, a Canadian citizen, an owner of land in the improvement district and a BC resident for the previous six months.   
CHID’s Letters Patent, applicable sections of the
Local Government Act, and other applicable provincial statutes outline the powers that can be exercised by the Board of Trustees.  These powers include the ability to enact and enforce its regulations and charges, to assess and collect taxes, to acquire, hold and dispose of lands, to borrow money and to expropriate lands required to carry out its functions.  The Board of Trustees exercise these powers through the passage of resolutions and bylaws.   
Although CHID is an independent public corporation, it is also subject to supervision by the
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (Ministry).  All bylaws passed by the Board of Trustees must be submitted to the Ministry for official record.  Select bylaws must be registered with the Inspector of Municipalities.  These bylaws are not effective until that approval is granted.  In addition, each year CHID’S audited financial statements and the minutes of its annual general meeting are reviewed and filed with the Ministry. 



Cobble Hill Improvement District is committed to providing the community with superior service.  As your water provider, the volunteer Board of Trustees welcomes your feedback and appreciates your patronage. 

  • Robert Reid, Chair

  • Donald Herriott

  • Harry Benson

  • Bill Motherwell

  • Robert Morris

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CHID staff are here to help you.  Whether you need assistance with a bill, have a question about your usage, have sold/purchased property within CHID, or require any other information about the District, please contact the Administrator by email at 1979CHID@gmail.com or by telephone at 250.701.5193.  Your enquiry will then be addressed by the appropriate party.

  • Karen Bereczki, Administrator 

  • Alan Seal, Operator

  • Nick Hill, Relief Operator

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CHID takes one water sample per week from rotating locations throughout the system. These samples are delivered by courier to an accredited lab for testing.  The lab sends the results to the Vancouver Island Health Authority.  Test results are maintained by Island Health, posted on its website, and are accessible for Public information. 
Click on the links below to see information on interpreting the reports and to view the results for Cobble Hill Improvement District.


In addition to the weekly water testing, CHID carries out quarterly well testing and annual full spectrum well testing.   


VENDOR:  Sold your property?  Please contact the Administrator to advise that your property has been sold and provide the completion date of sale.  Steps will be taken to cancel your account effective with the completion date.  Account adjustments will be provided to legal counsel. 

PURCHASER:  Moving in?  Please
contact the Administrator to advise that your have purchased a property within CHID.  Steps will be taken to set up an account effective with the completion date.  Account information required:  

1) purchaser name 

2) property address 

3) mailing address

4) telephone

5) whether you will be occupying the home. 

LEGAL COUNSEL:  Whether acting on behalf of the purchaser or the vendor, please direct all utility information requests to the Administrator.   
Requests must be submitted via email at
1979CHID@gmail.com, or by fax to 250.743.8821.   
If making a request for utility information, the following information must be provided: 
1) Vendor name

2) Civic address

3) Legal Description

4) Purchaser Name

5) Completion date of sale 


CHID has imposed a moratorium on commercial development-pending completion of a groundwater study currently in progress. 


Subdivision Applications shall be considered pursuant to legislation, CHID bylaws, and on the basis of infrastructure capacity. 


Boundary Extensions shall be considered pursuant to legislation, CHID bylaws, and on the basis of infrastructure capacity.