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Letters Patent

Improvement Districts are brought into existence by the provincial government through Cabinet Orders which authorized the passage of a document known as Letters Patent.


COBBLE HILL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (CHID), is a waterworks provider incorporated by its Letters Patent issued on April 16, 1979. The Letters Patent contains a description of the CHID boundary and the services it provides to the residents within that boundary.    CHID provides potable water to approximately 353 active service connections in Cobble Hill, British Columbia (as of November 2019).


In addition, service will be required for approximately 8 undeveloped lots currently located within the CHID boundaries.  Any future subdivision applications or boundary expansion petitions will be considered pursuant to legislation, CHID bylaws, and on the basis of infrastructure capacity. 

Letters Patent Documents

Cobble Hill 1979 Incorporation 

Cobble Hill 1987 LP Amendment

Cobble Hill 1994 LP Amendment

Cobble Hill 2018 Area Inclusion

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